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Issue related to the Password on a Cisco Linksys Router

About Cisco –

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology, which manufactures IT products and does business in telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, and other high-technology services and products. Cisco has many acquired subsidiaries such as WebEx, Jabber, and Jasper. Cisco has specialized into specific tech markets, like the Internet of Things (IoT), energy management and domain security. A part of Cisco Systems, Linksys is a producer of networking equipment. Cisco provides a complete management solution for every technical problem. In case of arising issues to change the password, Cisco Contact Number can be used for this.

Linksys Router Password Recovery
Change Password for Cisco Linksys Router

How to change the password –

  • While configuring a Linksys router with a password, every computer at the place is required to know that password to connect to the network.
  • Due to its authenticity, to keep out unauthorized devices, many websites use the mechanism at the most basic network level.
  • In order to change the passwords regularly, it can be a proper security practice.

By using a Linksys router, you can change the password what you want.

Here is all you need to know how to change the password–

  • You will have to use the Ethernet cable to connect the computer to a numbered port on the back of the router.
  • Then, by double-clicking on the desktop icon, you will have to launch a Web browser.
  • Then after, you will have to navigate with the browser to the configuration of router menus. Every specific model has a particular address. For example – “” is the address for all Linksys WRT54GS routers.
  • In the next process, you will have to bring up the network security configuration menu.
  • For example – in order to reach for a WRT54GS, you need to click “Wireless” and then “Wireless Security.”
  • Then after, you will have to select a new password and then click it into the configuration utility of the router.
  • For example – In case of the using the WPA security protocols, for a WRT54GS the new passphrase ought to go into the space marked “Shared Key” or in case of the using WEP, you ought to use “Passphrase.”
  • And, in the final step, while saving the new password, you will have to click on “Save Settings”.

Please note Cisco router can be utterly useless in case of it is not corrected configured. It can also become useless, if it has no IOS or wrong IOS. Moreover, in case of facing issues, while finding Cisco Customer Support Number, you can go through “Contact for Service”. Experts at Cisco Customer Care are available for troubleshooting with 24/7, 365 days availability.